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In the EU, every person per household produces 472 KG of plastic waste every year, and this is a growing number. One of the founders, Stephanie, has also seen first hand the impact plastic production has on society, through her prior business experiences in plastic production facilities.

“When I realized how almost every product that we consume on a daily basis is covered in plastic, and how much plastic that is being produced every day, I found my mission in life.” – Stephanie Kim

Together with the co-founders Chieko and Ana, we are now on a mission to build up a platform that helps emerging brands to sell zero waste products that support local consumption and a circular economy. 

“Local production and circular economies are the future, and we want to support that transformation for local emerging brands that build amazing products. – Chieko Seki

“We exclusively work with partners that have a positive impact on society, and we want to grow together with them.” – Ana Lopez

Happy Zero waste offers a zero-waste lifestyle in an enjoyable way while supporting you to create better habits. When we all take small steps in our everyday life to produce less waste, it has a colossal impact on a larger scale.

 Our goal is to help reduce 20% of every person’s waste in the EU by 2025. 

We want to provide you with the products for your everyday life that helps you make better and more sustainable everyday decisions.




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